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Patreon report: November

January 11, 2019 2685

Dear partners! wishes you a Happy New Year and thanks you for your contribution to the fight for human rights! Let you have emotional, intellectual and financial strength for everything that you have planned for the 2019.

In December, launched the project Pony Valikhanov - weekly YouTube-conversations on the most relevant LGBT-issues.

In the meantime, we continue our usual work - writing articles and, with your help, monitoring cases of discrimination and hate crimes.

The project Tell About Your Trouble continues, and the time has come for the next report on the results of a monthly advertising campaign conducted using your donations.

Used funds

Two advertising campaigns of December.

The campaign in Vkontakte continued using funds spent back in November. There have been spent 3 957.03 ₽. We managed to reach an audience of 131,867 people.

The second campaign was launched on Instagram. Here, $ 97.92 was spent to reach an audience of 42,080 people. Unfortunately, Instagram advertising is expensive, with relatively little reach.

Statistics "Tell About Your Trouble"

In December, the form was filled with 5 real cases.

The project Tell About Your Trouble is a tool for monitoring cases of discrimination and hate crimes towards LGBT. Since there is no such legislative in Kazakhstan, there are no statistics, and therefore there are “no crimes”. This is what homophobes and officials say. But the community members’ experience suggest otherwise. Tell About Your Trouble allows people, with whom a disaster has occurred, and who will not go to the police because of fear, at least to report what happened to them. These statistics will become part of the alternative report on human rights in Kazakhstan in 2019, when our officials will report to UN.

You may become our partner. Every dollar increases the coverage of LGBT Kazakhs, which know - even in case of trouble they are not alone. Become our partner on Patreon.


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