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O'zbekiston gomoseksuallikni jazolashni to'xtatishi kerak

2020 yil 10-dekabr kuni Butunjahon inson huquqlari kunida 9 ta xalqaro nodavlat tashkilotlar O'zbekistonni gomoseksuallikni dekriminallashtirishga chaqirdi. Ularning qo'shma bayonotida ta'kidlanishicha, 120-modda gomoseksual va biseksual erkaklar kundalik hayotida ular uchun doimiy tahdid tug'diradi va ularning jamiyatda duch keladigan zo'ravonlik va kamsitishlar holatlari to'g'risida davlat organlariga shikoyat qilishlariga yo'l qo'ymaydi.

Uzbekistan have to stop punishing homosexuality

On December 10, 2020, on World Human Rights Day, 9 international NGOs called on Uzbekistan to decriminalize homosexuality. Their joint statement states that Article 120 poses a constant threat to gay and bisexual men in their daily lives and makes it impossible for them to lodge complaints with the authorities about violence and discrimination to which they are subjected.

MMA Fighter Kuat “Naiman” Khamitov considers LGBT people ‘worse than dogs.’

Kazakhstani MMA fighter Kuat Khamitov reacted to a video where diplomats showed their support to Kazakh LGBT community.

"They'll kill me and tell my parents that I went missing"

Within the project "Tell about the trouble" we received a message from Adilet from Astana. He writes: "Then they brought me into a truck of a car and drove away from the city, they beat me so hardly as I literally wet myself. I had a concussion, my legs couldn't walk. It was November and the beginning of December (in northern Kazakhstan winters start early and the temperatures can run down below -30 degrees Celsius)  They left me in a summer kitchen for two weeks, the room had no heating" Submission to the UNHRC at the UPR
2,847 Submission to the Human Rights Council at the 34th Session of the Universal Periodic Review (Third cycle, Oct-Nov 2019)