Kazakh Officials Understate Number of MSM by More Than 3 Times

According to the Republican Centre for AIDS Prevention and Control there are 62,000 adult men having sex with men in Kazakhstan. Understating the real figure by 3 times the Ministry looses the opportunity of arranging effective work on HIV prevention in the conditions of the ongoing concentrated epidemic. How to Connect People in Fear?

Looking for Patrons. $300 allow to delivier the message of human rights to 6 300 LGBT-people in Kazakhstan and to another 90 000 citizens.

Robyn McCutcheon: "The dark times ushered in by Trump will pass"

This summer the three-year term of diplomatic service of Robyn Alice McCutcheon at the US Embassy in Astana expired. Robin is an openly transgender woman who supports the LGBT community of Astana. interviewed Robyn and asked her to sum up her work in Kazakhstan.

Open Letter from LGBT of Kazakhstan to the President of Uzbekistan

The new president of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, is carrying out a number of liberal economic reforms, which also gives hope for changes in the social sphere. In this regard, the LGBT community of Kazakhstan decided to show solidarity and ask Shavkat Miromonovich to display humanism, abolish the criminal article for sodomy in Uzbekistan

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MMA Fighter Kuat “Naiman” Khamitov considers LGBT people ‘worse than dogs.’

Kazakhstani MMA fighter Kuat Khamitov reacted to a video where diplomats showed their support to Kazakh LGBT community.

"They'll kill me and tell my parents that I went missing"

Within the project "Tell about the trouble" we received a message from Adilet from Astana. He writes: "Then they brought me into a truck of a car and drove away from the city, they beat me so hardly as I literally wet myself. I had a concussion, my legs couldn't walk. It was November and the beginning of December (in northern Kazakhstan winters start early and the temperatures can run down below -30 degrees Celsius)  They left me in a summer kitchen for two weeks, the room had no heating" Submission to the UNHRC at the UPR
789 Submission to the Human Rights Council at the 34th Session of the Universal Periodic Review (Third cycle, Oct-Nov 2019)


Recently I received an anonymous message: “If you think that you can dump just like that, then you are mistaken. We will find leverage on you. How do you like the funeral for your mother? ”


Ayan is 21 years old. He works as a teacher in one of the capital’s schools. He has always been a good son and a good teacher. He doesn’t stand out. He follows a healthy lifestyle. On July 28th, 2019 he was diagnosed with: “A closed fracture of the medial, intermediate sphenoid bone without displacement of bone fragments. Bruised left hand. Closed craniocerebral injury. Concussion. Bruised wounds on the head, face. Thermal burns of 1-2 degrees (from cauterization with an iron). Soft tissue injuries.” This is how it happened, as retold by Ayan himself.

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