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Patreon report: September

October 03, 2018 2652

September is a sad month. Our comrade has gone - he committed suicide. There is no doubt, the homophobia permeating Kazakhstan’s society forces our people to kill themself. Dear Friend, we are going to keep fighting for all our brothers and sisters. Coincidentally, we published the results of the master’s thesis made in Nazarbayev University, which showed that more than half of gay men in our country were thinking about suicide and/our has attempted suicide.

In September, another important material was released, among others - that the officials underestimate the number of MSM by 3 times. Apparently, it is scary to admit that the minority is not such a small group as it is using to think.

We also published an article celebrate the Bisexuality Day!

And now let us inform you how the campaign of the project Tell About Your Trouble was run using funds raised on the Patreon.

Funds received

By September, we managed to raise $198 on Patreon, but received $173,96 (87.63%). The difference is Patreon fee ($9.9, i.е. 5%) and PayPal fee ($14.14, i.е 7.14%). PayPal account eventually credited $ 135.79 (why we received $38,17 less we do not know - apparently some internal calculations of the system).

  • Balance from the previous month - $25,38.
  • There were no direct transfers to PayPal.
  • Total for the September advertising campaign, we raised $ 161,17.

Used funds

For the first time, a campaign was launched on VKontakte. Two advertising campaigns were launched: LBT-women, and GBT-men. In total, 6091.43 rubles (approximately $ 93) were spent. On account Vkontakte has left 4 770 ₽ (about $ 76). This amount was transferred to October.

Campaign results

For the campaign, the goal "Coverage" was chosen, according to which advertising is shown to one user only once - thus, it is distributed among as many people as possible. Geographical targeting - Kazakhstan.

  • Advertising for LBT-women covered 16 374 people.
  • Advertising for GBT-men covered 10 169 people.
  • Total - 26 543 people have seen the advertisement of the project Tell About Your Trouble.

This is three times lower than the result of the campaign on Facebook. However, unlike Facebook campaigns, Vkontakte advertising tools allow you to customize the display of advertising to members of specific groups. The target groups were those dedicated to LGBT people. This is the direct target audience of the Tell About Your Trouble project, while on Facebook advertising was shown to all users who had fallen under demographic settings.

Statistics "Tell About Your Trouble"

To date, 42 people have reported cases of discrimination and hate crimes related to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) - 10 more than in August.

The project Tell About Your Trouble is a tool for monitoring cases of discrimination and hate crimes towards LGBT. Since there is no such legislative in Kazakhstan, there are no statistics, and therefore there are “no crimes”. This is what homophobes and officials say. But the community members’ experience suggest otherwise. Tell About Your Trouble allows people, with whom a disaster has occurred, and who will not go to the police because of fear, at least to report what happened to them. These statistics will become part of the alternative report on human rights in Kazakhstan in 2019, when our officials will report to UN.

You may become our partner. Every dollar increases the coverage of LGBT Kazakhs, which know - even in case of trouble they are not alone. Become our partner on Patreon.


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